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Yet Another Insurance Thread

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Right folks, I have a somewhat unique insurance problem. I am 34 and have had a license since 15. The reason that doesn't make any sense is that I am also a Yank expat, been here 2.5 years. I only got a U.K. lic. about 8 months ago, drove on my U.S. lic. till then. As I have only had a U.K. lic. for less than a year all the big insurance company's treat me like a 17 yr old and for the most part just flat out refused to insure me. The guy from direct line told me to "sell that car and get a 1.0 micra".

So what do I do? I am pretty sure I have about 2 months left on this policy, so I suppose I should start shopping now. Anyone here know of any companies that will take into account my 19 yrs of driving and not treat me like I just started? anyone ever run into this sort of thing before? I will try SKY first as I hear everyone raving about them here, but there is every chance they will play the same damn game with me.

The really funny thing is that my VW camper has classic insurance and they said 15+ years with a lic. right off the bat. No questions asked.
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You are asking for trouble admitting all that on a public forum... some of our members are insurance companies.
Edited. Don't really know how it could get me into any trouble, but why take a chance. Thanks for the heads up.
I would enquire about expat insurance. There are plenty of US servicemen/women that drive over here so I'm assuming that they would be getting their's from a single preferential source?

I used to be married to an American & when we moved back to the UK I simply added her to one of my policies with no prob's whatsoever - that was through Liverpool Victoria

There are a few websites that may be of assistance, such as this: US expats The site has a forum that includes a driving in the UK section but unfortunately it requires subscription

Try contacting a few servicemen at RAF (USAF) Lakenheath, they're bound to know where the best deals are to be had.

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