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it'll fit i believe.. but may be smaller than a 1.8 version ?
though im no expert.
Not sure but would get it with the flywheel,
Says it can hold 270bhp so should be ok? Provided it fits?
It should fit, but how much fun it will be to drive with is another question.
Hmmm... 6 puck. It won't feel like a stock/oem clutch.
Looks to be a very "On/Off" type of clutch, which will make it a nightmare to use in a daily drive car.

The 18.5lb flywheel isn't exactly light so not much to be gained considering the amount you'd have to pay on shipping this.

How much will this cost landed in the UK inclusive of postage and taxes?
Is not a daily drive car so not too bothered. Just need something that will (eventually) have to cope with 250bhp
How heavy is standard flywheel on a 1.8?
Yeah shipping is $139 :-s
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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