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Wideband Installation

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-when screwing the sensor into the exhaust is it best to use some PTFE tape for gas tightness?
-is what used to be the live connection to the electric windows an appropriate 12v feed to the Zeitronix controller?
Many thanks
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The current capacity of your now redundant +ve feed to your electric windows should be more than adequate. I'd check the cars schematic and see what (if anything is off the same circuit though. A wideband is something that you don't wish to experience volt drop with. Allthough I'm sure most will have an internal regulator of sorts.

Personally I'd take the ground and +ve feeds from the same switched source as the ECU and nothing else.

With regards PTFE I wouldn't. You not only electically insulate but also in a small way thermally. The seal is formed by either the copper washer or steel compressible one supplied with the sensor. Incidently the working limit for most ptfe's is around 260C. So you'd end up with a loose sensor.
What Gary said.

There is a washer on the sensor that seats nice a tight against the flat surface of the bung and you'd be aiming to get some decent torque on it to prevent is rattling loose over the first few hundred miles. You don't need PTFE.

Just to note that although you don't want a voltage drop to the power supply, it is inevitable that you might have the odd spike during cranking (which is when the sensor is drawing most voltage for the sensor warm-up period). I supply my wideband a 12v feed directly from the ECU 12v feed and I've recorded logs of it dropping off during cranking periods while warming up. Most widebands have a minimum operating voltage of 9v. My LC-1 throws an error when cranking voltages sometimes drop off below 9v momentarily. I'd advice you take Garys advice and make sure that nothing capable of creating a drop is also in the same circuit as your intended supply while your actually driving the car. If someone trys to wind a window down while the heaters are on and the radio is up then you could potentially have problem on your hands if the circuit you tap off is inadequate and also powers other regularly used accessories.
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..........very many thanks for the guidance guys. We had a de-cat pipe made and fitted last Monday by Zorstec of Shipley for ?90, which included welding on the O2 sensor bung, and we've fitted the sensor and wired the Zeitronix controller today. Its fascinating to watch the readings on the gauge under different driving conditions, even with a naturally aspirated engine.
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