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Hi guys,

My car hasn't been used for a while and in that time, I had an issue with an injector, since then, I've had the injectors cleaned and fitted a new FPR.

It may be me being paranoid, the temperature being super cold and combined with the car not being used for 8 months (batt disconnected) but when I run the car, it STINKS, lots of grey/white smoke and AFR gauge reading 10 for a long time and eventually climbs to about 12 on idle. I let it idle for about 30 mins yesterday, once it was all up to temp, there wasn't really any smoke but it still smelt a bit rich. A very light faint smoke on high revs but nothing you wouldn't expect from a car that's sat and may have condensation etc in the exhaust.

Seems to run fine but I think I need someone to check the map to ensure everything is good. The map was always overfuely in cold temps, too much so IMO. Literally clouds of smoke in cold temps. (No cat etc)

Car was originally set up by Skuzzle Motorsport and has run fine for many years now.

But since I've fitted a new FPR which may be doing a better job of regulating pressure, better flowing injectors, I am wondering if the map needs tweeking to suit?
New coilpack, plugs and leads were fitted to.

Do I need the map checking and if so, any recommendations on people not a million miles from South London?


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Have you considered remote tuning? I had my M45 converted 1.8 mk2.5 remote tuned by Alex Hickson. I’m running an ME221 and AEM X series wideband.

It was a case of recording log files on drives, uploading to Alex and him sending back new ECU configuration files to load to the ECU. He would then ask for another drive log file and so on.

My car now drives like it’s out of the factory, perfect idle and lovely power.

His website is Welcome to DigiTune - DigiTune Ltd



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Based on my experience with actual dyno tuners (a few places now), use Alex. A dyno is great for maximising power but once all that's done simple fuel adjustments can be made remotely and far too many dyno tuners are shit/not interested in adjusting the actual drivability settings like WUE, idle, low throttle input response/fueling etc..

I cant recall what your setup is but if it's a TD04 as I think it is then Alex has done more than enough TD04 maps to be able to sort the issue for you.
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