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White Mx5 Track Car?

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spotted on motorway on way home from work, i guess about 4:30, near swindon area.
took a sneaky pic on my phone
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ops sorry i forgot, ill try and get it of phone tomorrow and pop it up.

Was it heading West and did it have green rear quarters? If so, it may well be the racer my local garage has.

Get the pic up.
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it has green front wings, well the paint work goes down at angle in green.

typical for some reason my card reader wont pick up my phone card. i have emailed it to my photobucket account but it doesnt seem to have gone there even though it says its sent.

i just tried texting it to a friend and it frooze!!!! this pic is not ment to get on here lol.

ill bluetooth it to my gf tonight and hopefully she can host it for me so bare with me
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Ahh, I got my colours on the wrong end of the car.

Yeah, that's Avia Auto's racer. It used to be red but has recently been repainted white with the green (they're sponsored by GMF). They have a 17yr old girl driving their car now, I forget her name but she's not long come from the karting world. Yuki is off there to have her headgasket done in the next week or so. They also do suspension setups/cornerweighting etc.

I'll point them in this direction and let them know they were spotted.
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girl driver? good stuff
cool sounds good mate, cheers
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