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Which Clutch?

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I've got a 1.6 Roadster with a 1.8 clutch & flywheel at the moment, but as the engine is gonna be replaced soon I might as well change the clutch too. I'm not planning on going FI or anything, so will a super-duper clutch make much of a difference or should I just get a good standard one?
Any suggestions and links as to which one would be cool.
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Get a stocker or a copy imo. The stock clutches last nearer the 100k miles mark on NA cars. I removed the original out of my old 1.6 mk1 which had covered around 150k k/m and that was driven HARD while NA. I knew I was going to FI the engine at some point so I took it as a blessing in disguise and ordered a SPEC-2 for the impending FI abuse.

You having a 1.8 combo already means you are pretty bullet proof if not touching any serious power mods. Out of interest, was the 1.8 set-up fitted to your car "used"?
Ok, cool. I've had a quick look on 5 Parts and they have an Exedy and a Sachs, which would be best?

It was used yes, why do you ask?
Just because you changed the stock 1.6 combo in favour of the 1.8 combo. The 1.6 set-up must have lasted for at least 60k miles so I wondered why a brand new 1.8 combo would need changing unless you have done some serious city/track mileage since fitting it or that the kit was used with not as much life left in it.
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