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I've been contacted by someone I know whose son is selling his MX5 as moving and has no room at his new place for a second car.
I don't really need another MX5 but always interested if it turns out to be something good.

It's a mk2 Jasper Conran limited edition in black, I'm going to see it next week end and was looking for ideas as to what people think its worth.
It has 90,000 on the clock, the guy has had it 8 years and brought it from a Mazda main dealer. As far as I can tell from my conversation over the phone it has no rust ( yes I know I've heard that one before!) original spec, still got Sony CD / minidisc player 15 inch alloys etc etc. the problem is it has a ceased alternator which I know is a fairly easy fix. I think I could get it for £1000 or even less.
What's everyone's thoughts?


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