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What Oil?

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What oil do people use for 1.8's?

Also what brands do you recommend?
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Mobil 10-40 semi.

0w40 is great but it is a bit too thin, although it will clear any excessive tappet noise if you run it for a few thousand miles.
Thats great thanks alot. I do have a tappet noise getting abit louder to be honest, is of the road and not being used at the moment thou, just being started up.

You recommend using the 0w40 to get rid of that to start with or will the semi-synth work too?
If your just starting the engine and running it for a bit the tappets will be noisey..... the car needs to be driven to bleed any air out of the hydraulic lifters....( if its been stood unused a while)
Ah ok, thanks for the tip!
Mobil super s 10W/40 is ?3 a litre in asda and has made mine quite silky again!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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