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What Have I Done, What Have I Bought?

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Hi I'm a noob.

I had been looking for some time for a lhd sporty drophead smoker to keep in Spain, criteria was just a bit more fun than a rental, must have aircon, must be old enough to suffer inevitable Spanish scrapes without the need for tears.

So I bid and bought one in Portugal on ebay. Collected two days ago, first ride 400 miles, all OK. She? is a LHD 1999 1840cc mx5. A little icon of an engine stays lit on the speedo saying 'check' but temps, pressure and levels all ok, ex owners say if you disconnect the battery and reconnect it goes out until the next time, maybe days maybe months. Can't be bothered, but better if fixed.

Have I bought a Miata,(nice name), Eunos (not a nice name, sounds castrated), or neither of the above and just an MX5?

My car was (I believe) imported to the UK from the USA and registered here in 06. (Don't know why I wrote 'here' as I'm not, but UK).

All advice and/or links welcome. Thanks and Hello.

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Welcome to Nutz John, congratulations on buying a 5.

Post a couple of pictures up we could tell you a bit more from what it looks like.
I'd like to put up an image, and if I can remember my photobucket log in I will do so, however if it's possible to upload an image directly I cannot see how, advice welcome. From the VIN it says the 21799th MX5 produced at Hiroshima in 1999, and model is listed as NB353

Well its deffo a Mk2 since its '99, its a Miata since it came from the US (but that doesnt make a difference anyway), its 145 ps and if it has a 6speed it might as well be the Sport edition.

If 5 speed, its a plain 1.8 model.

Go to a Mazda dealer to put the car on a OBD scan to check the check engine light. Do it now while its on!

Also check the manual to see what problem this light referes to.

Thanks for that, deffo a 5 speed, feels it could really do with another tho, so much available power at 4000 revs in fifth one feels there would be a good fuel saving, remember overdrive anyone?

Don't have a manual and may not have time to find a Mazda dealer before I come home, something for the err future rather than the weekend.

If you give: MX5 Parts a call & tell them that you want to buy accessories but you're not sure which model it is, they can check your chassis number & tell you which model it is

Oh......welcome to the forum
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Loved your, "Thank you for not littering your mind"
Well you asked for pics and now I'm home here they are. The more info you can help me with appreciated, especially I would like to know if there's an additional model designation. For example there seem to be some called FE's and possible even a GLX. I believe it's a US market version, is there anything on the VIN to confirm that beyond reasonable doubt.

Also thanks to Quicksilver - have done as you suggested, waiting for a reply.
DinkyToy - here are the pics
nmwisima - I didn't have time to have the light checked but think it may be a service due light???

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