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Weber Itb'S

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Wanted to share if someones looking for set..
This seems nice price for bolt on part.
Weber ITBs
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This seems nice price for bolt on part.
define 'bolt on'

i wouldn't put them in the bolt on category and they hardly look mint
Got to agree with Tom, no manifold or any type of air filter with them so hardly bolt on.

You can forgive the petrol pipe clips being a bit rusty but the injector housings leave a lot to be desired and as for the left bank in the second picture, both butterflies don't look good but especially the one on the far left as it looks quite bad.

Don't waste your time - these look pretty ratty inside! Get some new ones - Jenvey or similar @ £300 for a pair, and they will work!

Yeah, they look bad now on cpu, look'd good on iPhone..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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