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Wanted - Cheap, Sound But Scruffy

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I'm looking for a CHEAP, sound but scruffy 1.6 or 1.8 MX5/Eunos. Looking to use it for production car trialling, so body work can be scruffy i.e. the odd knock, ding, scratch etc, but must be sound = free from tin worm with a healthy MOT, engine, sills etc. Interior must be functional, but if trim is missing or air con not working ... it wouldn't be a problem.

What's out there ?

Regards Dan
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I'm guessing Its got to be a manual gearbox?

If not I've got a l reg 1.8 jap eunos auto that's done 100,000 miles with no rust and black interior?
how much you looking to spend? will have something up forsale soon
How much you want to spend and where you are, or where you are prepared to travel to might help your search!
Not really looking to spend much more than ?6-700, obviously not a lot, but it just needs to be functional rather than a looker. I'm located in mid-Bedfordshire, but will travel widely for the right vehicle. And it does need to be a manual. Cheers, Dan
One I got today, smurf blue 1.6, not till feb tax till aug, ?700ish, just drove it home at 90!!, in herts.
You'll have to let me know where you saw it advertised so thatI can add to my list of search sites.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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