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Want Rs2'S On 15" Wheels Help Needed For Tyre/Wheels Selection

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who can do me some good deals on wheels and tyres or just tyres depending on how good the deals are
iam using the car 90% for trackdays will take the hard top off on sunny days and go for a drive so that will be the other 10% then lol

i currently have tatty mx5 mk2 15" 5 spoke wheels on my is stripped but standard power,.... hoping to do mini supercharger in future though me hopes.

firstly requirement looking to use hankook rs2's tyres on 15" rims.

secondly car will be lowered after tyre and poss wheel purchase when funds allow!

the car looks shit unfortunately but is sound so wanting to improve looks aswell!!!!! car is red bog standard mx5 1997.
lastly i dont want mega heavy wheels!

i like the rota rims are these lightweight and of good quality what ones would you choose out the rota range if not rota what do you like?

i wouldnt mind putting a set of arches on it maybe paint them gloss black... with offset wheels not sure what offset would be needed for say mx5dans arches and what width of wheels and tyres are arches.....will arches only look right if the tyres are strectched on the wheels if so does it make the car handle worse?
i really need some talk me throughs here what other owners have done with theirs!
any advice would be much appreciated thanks
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Either pop me a PM or give me a call on 0800 4488013 We can sort out wheels & tyres for you

Rotas are good for normal archs with Et25-Et40 and run with either 15x7 or 15x8, but if you want to go for wide arch kit you will need ET0 or even Negative ET and you can either go down the route of custom wheels with the appropriate offset.
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