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Ve Tables....

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Now my smaller pulley is on and the intercooler is in I thought i'd better start taking this whole tuning thing abit more seriously.

I've been Autotuning alot lately and thought i'd compare tables with Barry's, we pretty much have the exact same set up...

We both have the same AFR target table yet the VE tables are wildly different....? why is this? I thought they would be pretty much identical..

mine -

Barrys -

Is it worth me starting over with the PNP map, changing my injector and PW settings then autotune?


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Waits for comment from Richy...........
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What's yours and Barrys Req_fuel number?

Could be your pump is weaker if you have higher DC's
Hi Rich,

I'm on 7.9 Baz on 6.1...

Differences between the cars are his injectors are 440 mine 340 and his pulley 11% mine 14%..
My required fuel is 5.8 on 460's...............
ah sorry bud thought they were 440's..
So stuff is different, don't worry about it.

Guess what my VE table looks nowt like yours or Barrys

if AFRs are fine don't worry and don't compare to anyone else, it'll never ever EVER match
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Not sure how this works in MS, but in my adaptronic you can enter injector deadtimes, if you don't the VE appears higher than it really is - so systems with different injectors and no values for deadtimes will have different VE's.

Whereas in theory, if you have the correct deadtimes for the different injectors the VE table would be the same (all else being equal).

Called opening time in MS1, (which is incorrect as there's closing time too).

The pnp map which everyone cribs has an opening time of 1.2ms iirc.
You might find this useful.
You might find this useful.
That's useful but sadly I can't see my 320cc Toyota Supra Green Tops, does anyone know the figures for these?
You might find this useful.
shame the list is so small

when running batch injection on MS is pretty easy to work out your opening time
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