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Vag Vs Jdm

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Dunno if its gonna be any good, but it's less than 5 miles away from me so i'm gonna go have a look (be rude not to really)

Any one else thinking of going?
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If it stays dry I may go and have a look at this
If it stays dry I may go and have a look at this
Cool enuff
i'll keep an eye open for you

I'm the one in the low yellow mk 1 with flared arches
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Thats the boyracers weekly summer meet. Originally set up by the now departed 'cruisenotts' its still attended by many local clubs. Mostly ex and currant cruisers though. You wont find the local cowboys attending, or the nissan micra club.
Its owned by somebody from shwaddywaddy. He opens it for about 6 months of the year. Its for bikers most other nights its open.
MFN=middle of fucking nowhere. A name he had to change.

Wait till a bit later, and a lot of cars will precession off to a slightly less legal venue for afters. If you like that sort of thing...
i dont do facebook any chance you can post them up on here
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cheers for those
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