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Vacuum Port Fitting

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So I would like to add a vacuum port to my 2.5 inch alum. pipe leading into my throttle body. I am getting boost sag at high revs and I want to change the w/g vac. signal to after the I/C.

So, I presume there are screw in fittings for this sort of thing? I can imagine in my head how it would be built, and I am not that bright so somebody must be selling them. Anyone know of a solution? If it comes down to it I can take the pipe pack to the fabricator and have him weld one on. But I would much rather just spend a fiver on a fitting and do it myself.
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actually, I was just thinking about it and if I threaded the outside of a piece of copper brake pipe, then flared one end, and used o rings and washers on either side of the hole, and then screwed a nut down on the whole mess. I should be golden. I might even have all the bits needed for this and I do have the tools. May have solved it. anyone know of a better solution?
stick a nut on with chemical metal.

Not sure what your doing though.

edit: you would actually drill the pipe. Then put a greased bolt into your nut. The bolt acts to stop glue bunging your hole. soon as its practical to do so, whip the bolt out before its glued there. A thread tap will fix any small mistakes.
Well this is the easy answer, but its boring and ugly.

I dont trust glue to not fall apart. What I am thinking is to thread the outside of a bit of pipe, flare one end of it. Then drill a hole in the big charge pipe and pass my new small one thru the hole from the inside so it wont fall out because of the flare. Stick an o-ring, then a washer, then a nut, and tighten it down. This way there is nothing to get sucked in under vacuum.

And then once I discover it leaks and or rattles apart, just open up the hole and use the ugly fitting pictured above.
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