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Vac Line And Silicone Offcut

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I'm after a couple of pieces of pipe work to tidy up my install

  • 4mm Vac Line - about 3ft
  • 25mm Silicone pipe - about 4-5inches worth (or whatever size it is for a BOV intake)

However, they must be in RED.

Anyone got any off-cuts?
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I think I have what you need, but unsure on sizes, will drop u a pm, vac hose I have is clear though...
I have all the bits already, but not in RED.

Red or nothing I'm afraid

(thanks though!)
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You sound as bad as I am.... Lol

the silicone I have is Red, same stuff I used for coolant hose right?
Just checked way too small!!
There's a place down here that sells it by the half metre, which is what you see in my engine bay - I don't think it's pricey either. Want me to find out how much it is for you?

I'm looking for cheapy cheap cheap if possible.
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Give them a call and see if the price is right - 01273 777055.

If it is, let me know and we'll organise a pickup. I'll sort postage - I have some franked envelopes, so you'd only need to cover the cost of the piping.
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