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Ultimate Car Show (Larne, N.Ireland)

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This show was organised for a local charity and has continued year on year.
The japs are mostly outnumbered by euro here, but ive focused mainly on jap to keep it relevant!

Sorry my pics are trunks, but maybe youll see something of interest!

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Arrrgghhh!!! can't believe I missed this!! will be on the ferry to Larne later this week!!

looks good though, is it quite a big event then?
they raised 6.5k on the day for the local oxygen therapy and adult special needs centre, and even at the cruise after, the fast food vans gave a cut to charity too!

ive only touched on the cars and ignored pretty much 30+ vauxhalls, the entire subaru stand, the ford stand and the euro contingent, bar a token one or two from each genre.

they pretty much filled the entirity of the FG wilsons carpark, and there was an auto testing arena too!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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