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After 2 years of owning my Eunos Roadster 1.8 VR-Limited, thought I would show off my build progress with of pictures when the car arrived in the UK in 2009 and the current look to-date (Complete Build).


When the car arrive in the UK in April 2009 (I'm the the first UK owner) only 120000kms on the clock:-

After getting the car home the gave it a good clean and the changes / modding started (after 6 months):-

Took out the seat to clean and soften the Leather, will they were out removed the beige carpet and replaced it with black carpet purchased from e-bay for £5.89 bargain!!!

Fitted Retro look Zoom petrol filler cap

White Plasma Dial fitted & White Heater Control Panel

Full Racing Beat Exhaust System fitted, 4.2.1 Header / Mid Section / High Flow CAT & Single Exit Rear Box

OEM Rear lip Boot Spoiler / Electric Mirrors & Small Arches extensions were sprayed and fitted

Chrome TT Style Hoops fitted

Vented Headlight Cover & TSI's with LED Side Lights fitted

Rear Number Plate Clear Panel fitted

Then started on the Engine bay, Chrome Rocker Cover / Aluminum Slam Panel & Blue Hoses fitted

Was really happy with the look, but the modding continued (after 12 months):-

Decided I wanted a change in look and purchased some 16" Rota Cups (with nice deep dish) and purchased a cheap Black Hard Top for £250.00 (wider wheels 16 x 8's fill the arches better)

Chrome Engine Brace fitted

Clear Rear Reflectors and Clear Side Indicators

Zoom Centre Console fitted

Gaz Gold Pros fitted and laser wheel alignment done by WIM

Front and Rear red tow hooks fitted

Aluminum Gauge Bezel fitted

Black Lexus Style Rear lights fitted


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The changes and styling continued and need for more power was calling (after 18 months):-

Removed the Chrome Hoops and TD Lane Roll Bar fitted / Hard Top colour coded / Feed Sided Skirts sprayed fitted and the rocker cover cut and sprayed

JR M45 Supercharger Fitted (the difference in power is amazing!!!)

New Mono Steering Wheel and Aluminum Foot Pedals fitted

After long a decision i finally decided to change the wheels as the Rota Cups where to heavy (shame as I really like them fitted), Lucky for me a found the 15 X 8 Axis OG's (E25) and think there look great really fill the arched well.

Also decided to change the Lexus Style rear light for some Zoom Rear light units I managed to purchase (really pleased with these)

New 3 point Engine Brace and Upper Rear Brace Fitted

AWD Gauge / Dial Panel and Zoom Start Button fitted

Changed the Tan soft top (hood) for a complete Black Hood and Frame I purchased second hand (Hood only 1 year old in great condition)

Twin Head Light Conversion fitted

Currently this is how the car looks now (most resent pictures taken over the past few months):-

Items still in the garage waiting to be fitted:-

Alumimum Rad
E-Manager Ulitmate
RC440 Injectors
Polished Inlet Manifold

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I like it how it is now.

This is a car that went from ok, to very nicely done - to taking a step back (didnt like the heavy wheels-whatever they are, or the rear lights - then back forwards, the current appearance is very very nice indeed, best it has looked.

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Nuff said


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great looking car and one of my favorites on here! in some ways it reminds me of mine, similar styling and performance mods!

quick Q how do you find those Gaz gold pro's, I've heard a few mixed opinions
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