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Tyre Choice

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Currently I have Yoko's in 195/45/15 on my car, but where I live theres no way to get to my flat without going over at least 2 speed bumps which i scrape on.

So I was thinking of going to 195/50/15. My question is, will this affect the handling much? I was going to go for Toyo T1r's as I had them on my Mr2 and I liked them.

Cheers in advance
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You're supposed to be using 195/50/15 anyway as they are the original size for 15" wheels

I just picked the car up the other day, so still finding my feet with it. Cheers for the heads up Andy
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providing your using a decent tyre you should notice next to no difference between 45's and 50's,
besides imho a lot more comfort on 50's.
Ive done this with parada spec IIs and fazken Zsomethings and cant say i noticed a thing.
This was on 15x7.5j wheels
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