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Topping Up Power Steering Fluid

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The other day I checked my power steering fluid and it looks like it's a bit low. Now, I know I'm probably lining myself up for some classic Nutz ribbing, but how do I top it up? Do I pour it into the hole where the dipstick is, or is there a secret filler hole somewhere?
I know this makes me sound retarded, but I've never actually topped up P/S fluid before
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Just top it up using the hole where the dipstick is, you bloody retard
(I looked in the owner's manual, just to be sure

Oh, and the book says to use ATF M-III or equivalent. and not to overfill it
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Ahh, MX5 Nutz is such a friendly bunch

Thanks Dave, I didn't think about looking in the book!!
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I know it goes against all the male instincts to look in the owner's manual, but I wanted to quickly check to avoid making a complete prat of myself

Just trying to think of the last time I checked my power steering fluid... Oh yeah, that would be, er, never then!
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