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Well Being over 4 years out fo the seat of an MX it was time to get me another!

Obviously a MK1, but perhaps not so obviously a 1.6.

I've always prefered these to the 1.8's as the lighter engine always seemed to spin the tachometer round to 7000rpm with alot more viggar and as if the car was almost enjoying it too.

Its '93 mk1 1.6 (No idea if its an S or any other fancy model)

Its got Bilstein Dampners with some form of very stiff spring.
Hard dog Roll bar
Harness Bar
Upper and Lower chassis braces
Rear Lower chassis brace
Torsen T1 LSD with the 4.3 Final drive

Axis Brake Pads
15" Enkies with Toyo r1r's

K+ N filter
4-2-1 Stainless Manifold
De cat
HKS Superdragger egg sauce system.
Timming advanced to 14degrees
Air con + Carbon Canister et gummins removed.

Bumper Lip
Vented Light covers
White Nylon Gear Knob
OMP Swuede dished 330mm Wheel

I've had the car for about 3 months now, and in that Time I've done the bits in Bold!

Currently Using the car as an every day mobile, although I do hope at some point to have it as a 2nd car so not to destroy it so quickly!

Few more tweaks to get it how I'd like, they are:

Sparco Sprint 5 Seats
4 Point Harnesses
Larger ARB's

After that I plan to just enjoy the car when the suns out, get round some more tracks, Use it in our local car club complete Auto Solo's and as a new venture, complete a Sprint in it!

Some Piccies, These were from Brands Indy back in Febuary.

And Here's a few of me at a local Car club where we run Auto Solo's - What the MX5 was built for IMO.


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been looking at your car and spec all evening and realised its quite similar to how i want my black one! We need more pics buddy...ok ...I need more pics

Really love this car..very track/autox jdm focussed looking car!

Sideways is t'only way!
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Looks awesome, where did you get the torsen from? Have you swapped out to 1.8 prop/halfshafts?
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