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Throttle Cable For Dtb'S

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Need a cable to run between the throttles as one of the nuggets has come off and disappeared on the Dorset roads, its the second time its happened and whilst I can solder on another nugget thingy i'm reluctant to thrash the car incase it comes off again.

Anyone know of a co that will knock up a cable to a specific length etc etc?

What cable does everyone else use for their dual tb's?

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Mel, I have everything you need complete with 'nuggets' that do not require soldering, I will pass to Blaize tomorrow....... Mines a lager ,,,
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That don't need soldering?? roll on tomorrow, ta mate..
I have them in my hand now if you can get over........
Got the family down mate, i'm secretly on nutz.... (addict)
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