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Hi, I follow the forum for a while so I decided to start my thread
This is my first mx5 I've her for half year, (I'll copy this from other forum)

She's 1995 1.8 jap import, 80k on the clock, runing well, body in good order but needs a bit of waxing and polishing, I bought her without mot (big mistake). For mot I had to get new tyres, brake discs and pads, shock and spring ( I was going to change them anyway so I got coilovers), fog light.

All work done, moted, taxed, so I'm happy to drive it
plans: keep it simple
tidy up in and out,
already have wheels and coilovers (infamous ta technix, for now) fitted
need roll the arches
oem front lip
take off the rear spoiler ( I don't like this one)
some small details
hard top (in future)

When i bought her

I got TA Technix coilovers, they sent me wrong springs so they have been changed for proper ones

Revolution RFX wheels (leftovers from civic) , needed some refurbish though

polished dish

center painted white perl

center caps and nuts to finish them of

time for some body work

rear spoiler removed

bumper fixed, new oem splitter fitted

primered and painted

now i need to get right suspension setup, offset number plate and give her a good polish. so i dont have any proper pics yet
... only this bad one for now

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thanx, as far as i know schmidt copied (as a result of cooperation) revolutions so yes thats the same design, funny enough I've bought them as schmidts (that was in advert) and then turned up they revos, actually i though i got wrong size, because (one piece wheel) schmidts has taller spokes due to flat dish, where revos are same like in three pieces
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