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Thieving Shitbags

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Last night someone went to the workshop and removed 4 wheels 17" of a Mazda RX7 RSR, they also took the time to remove the calipers and disc's. (RZ sizes)
So not the usual pikey scum just nicking to weigh-in at the scrappys.
Someone has either got a car in need of or someone has had them nicked to order, but it means that someone is aware of RX7's and who we are.

Attached a couple of pictures to hand around, taken a couple of years ago from home.

Im asking anyone into there Jap metal to let other forums know and if they are offered any of these rims please let us know, the RSR was 500 only worldwide and as far as Im aware there are only 2-3 in the UK, so these are very rare and should be easily spotted.

We are near Reading Berkshire, so please any club or Jap meets in the area keep an eye out.

If these are returned anonymously then no more will be said, but if caught, they will be prosecuted, their full details and photos of the car and person will be put on every forum that is willing, and 8-10 of the web sites I own, I will have posters made and distributed to car shows, garages, forums warning people that if you are seen with normal decent people they will know you are a thief and I will let everyone know that you are scum. If you are caught these posters will appear around where you live, I will even pay to have these published in your local paper.

A reward will be offered to anyone that has correct information that leads to the recovery of.

I can be contacted on 07973 111555

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Really sorry to hear about your news. Sounds like you've got a sniff who did it though?
good luck with the hunt for them, keep us updated with any news . I like your personal style of name and shaming but id be more tempted to blind them so they could never drive again
Could well have been a previous customer, had a look around the workshop etc checked the doors..
I would hate the thought of it being a customer, but thats possible.

Blinding, and maiming have gone through my mind..........
Sorry to hear this but its a very common story.

When I had something rare stolen I 'advertised' it on Ebay with a reward as that has a huge market.

I did get it back - more by luck than anything else, after the local cops got a tip off.

BTW you will find its illegal to name and shame and they can sue you - no doubt for free, as you have breached their human rights.

You as the 'victim' don't have any of course.

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The Scum of today

Hope you get them back.

I might suggest you register on Japmids forum and place it on there aswell.
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Sorry to hear about that, Thats awful some people have got no shame. People work hard to buy the treats and things that they want and then you get complete tossers like that!!!! Fingers crossed for you and hope they get caught and punished.
I'll keep looking, pictures are now with some local scrappy I know, though I doubt they will turn up there.
Gary have you posted this on the RX8 owners Forum,as you know a lot of them(me included, met you at Brands Hatch in December) , and I'm sure they will also keep an eye out.

That's just terrible - I hope that whoever made off with your wheels/calipers is on the receiving end of a firkin good hammering........or worse

Don't forget to post this on PistonHeads.....sometimes good for a heads-up where chav's are concerned
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Got it on Pistonheads, thanks.

Will get up on RX8 forum, just not got round to it yet.
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