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I hope it's OK to post this up here, I 'spose the Mods will sort it/me out if I've got it wrong...

I mentioned 2012's "Car Club 18-30" trip in the Driving Stories section, due to considerable peer pressure from those who came along, I'm now in the early stages of putting 2013's event together. I'm now looking for expressions of interest and perhaps some Nutzers might be interested. A couple of things to point out;

1-I am not the organiser. In fact, there is no organiser, participants will get a suggestion of what to book and where and when (Ferry/Hotel/Track etc) by email and can take care of it themselves direct. No-one is making any money from this, it's a bunch of likeminded petrolheads co-incidentally doing something fun on a budget, at the same time and the same place.

2-The contrived title relates not to the age of the participants, but the age of the cars, your car MUST be of a type either designed or in production between 18-30 years ago. Oh, and preferably quick, cool or quirky. MK1 MX-5 fits the bill !

3-Details, all TBC at the mo', but expect 3 days in early August and you'll need some € and a passport.

7-I'm not good with numbers.

9-If you like the sound of this, stick your name/nickname here and mention Nutz or we'll never track you down afterwards, and the non-organisers will let you know if you've been shortlisted. We'll then fill you in on the masterplan.

Fancy it ?
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