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Swapping Dashes

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Will a Mk1 dash fit a Mk2? and if it does, how much work is needed?
I'm looking for a tan interior as I prefer the look, and I'd much appreciate it if anyone knew of any stuff going fairly cheap!
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I know Mk2 dashes have been shoehorned into Mk1's before but I'm not sure about the other way around.

You might well be on ground breaking territory here.

Is it the colour or the style of the Mk1 dash that you like? As I'm sure there are tan dashes in some editions of the Mk2.
yeah they fit , a few auto crossers in the states have done it as the mk1 dash is lighter
Dinky - I suppose it's a little bit of both! I like the tan style dashes, but don't mind the style either, although I think Mk2 is my favourite.
KFC - Intriguing, may have to look into that

Thanks folks!
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