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Supercharger Adjustable Pulley Bracket

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supercharger adjustable pulley bracket the adujstable one want to get my car back on road in the next 3 weeks but dont want to pay the crazy prices on the net
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I could be wrong but I think that Mr Fast manufactures these......wouldn't hurt to send him a PM?
Think you may mean Mr Fast (Andy) Not Mr Slow as you originally said before you changed it QuickSilver
- Lol - I did ask him to make me one a few months ago, but he was snowed under with making SC kits, so I ended up buying a Stage One tensioner, he may be less busy now though!

You could try Mr Slow (Richy) I'm sure he could make one if you paid him the money, I haven't heard of him making them!

PJB was selling his BRP one last week you could try an see if it's still available. Here's a link to the thread:
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I have a TDR one ?99.
i take that buddy you have a pm
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