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Stupid Mistake!

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Last week I had a hire van for 2 days as I actually had some work (thin on the ground at the mo). After doing a 14 hour day in my tireness and stupidness I put ?40 of petrol into the van without thinking and drove a couple of miles before thinking something wasn't right then realised I'd put the wrong fuel in. not good. Yes have a good laugh what a twat I am!!! But it gets worse. I looked at the paper work in the cab as who to call, there was the office number and a mobile number and a merc breakdown number (sprinter van). As it was nearly midnight i decided not call the office as it was out of hours so rang the mobile, no answer so rang the breakdown recovery. Van got taken away, and I got dropped home. Next day called the van hire company and they told me I should have rang the office number as it was diverted to a mobile and the mobile I called was their boss's and he was on holiday hence no answer. Then proceeded to tell me that due to me calling mercedes breakdown it will be expensive. ?620 expensive to be precise!!! The van hire company have already taken that out my bank without me even seeing a bill which they say is in the post. Also they claim that its not covered by insurance.
Is it worth me trying to fight for some of this money back? I know i made a mistake and I'm prepared to pay but not ?620 due to merc sorting it out when the paper work in the van shloud have stated that the office number is 24 hours and there people would have done it for half that, also no diesel stickers on the fuel flap or key fob. They aslo claim that me signing the paper work on the original lease form means that they are entiltled to take the money out of my account without my permission.
Any advice welcome.
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iirc when we hired a van to move house years ago, we paid a ?50 liability insurance, just as well, as i crashed the van!!!!!!!
read read and read the documents again, sometimes the wording is a little mis-understanding. also speak to your bank, see what advice they can give you.
good luck
Oh dear,

my dad did that with a second hand diesel volvo he bought to run while his 205 was off the road years ago. Bought it,filled it up with petrol, drove it home, parked it on the driveway and scrapped it the next morning.

no consolation I'm sure but you're far from the only one it's happened to.
One for Will I think

Hire companies are very good at taking money from your account in the hope that most won't fight to get it back.
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I'm up for digging my heels in if I can get a few quid back. Miles, who's Will?
I'm up for digging my heels in if I can get a few quid back. Miles, who's Will?
Nutz resident legal eagle
If they took the money out of your account without telling you before hand - it is theft - unless it states on the rental agreement that you have authorised them to do this by signinging in a particular box. They have just covered their arses and jumped the gun a bit. Ring Citizens advice on Tuesday and see what they say. If all else fails - I suggest a well-place house brick!
The chances are that the repair costs are payable as the the circumstance represents a contract violation. I can guarantee the there is wording within the rental agreement which allows the company to take funds in the case of damages, outstanding hire charges or traffic violations. The best course or action that i would recommend is to call the head office and voice your frustration, make them aware that you intend to pay for the repairs, but let them know that the branch did not give directions on what to do in the event of a breakdown - it might be worth a go as the customer satisfaction element is sometimes priced very highly depending on the company.

If that fails, then let them runs your card, charge it back and hope that they do not process the letter that the bank sends (it sounds silly but a lot of these letters spend the whole 60 day deadline getting passed around offices)

I hope this is of some help.
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Thinks for the advice people, I like the idea of a well placed house brick but that would probably cost me more in the long run! Think I'll try citizens advice on tuesday as I'm not working and see what they say.
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