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My Eunos has started making a strange noise that is quite hard to describe. It seems to be getting worse and more frequent. Initially it seemed to do it most frequently whrn passing through 2000rpm rev range especially in first gear moving away from a junction but occasionaly in other gears and when cruising. It has usually diasappeared by the time have got the car stopped, which makes it difficult to detect.
Today it occured on start up, before selecting a gear (car had been in neutral even before starting) around the front of the engine, but then went after about 20 seconds. Belts look fine and it is not the usual screeching associated with a loose fan belt. I stopped engine, waited a couple of minutes and tried again, but the sound didn't come back.
On a drive out it happened several times, most notably when stationary at a junction, then continuing as I pulled away in first and into second gear before stopping. Interestingly, the pitch of the sound didn't change as the revs increased or when the gear change happened. The sound is always very loud and causes people to look.
I have added a link to a file with the sound that is as clear as I can get it. If any one has any ideas I would be very grateful.
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