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Strange Headlight Behaviour

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I seem to have a problem with my lights. The drivers side is dimmer than the passeners, on all settings (full, dipped, side). Since this happened the blue full beam light on my dash is half on all the time, but gets brighter with the actual full beam.

Also, my taillights are off but reverse and brake lights working.

Is all this related?

Any thoughts?

I need to go fuse to fuse I think but a point in the right direction would help
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you are shorting out on the headlight connector. give it a wiggle and a clean up to get rid of the oxide build up as a short term solution. I did this for about six months before the connectors completly melted - replaced them for about a tenner from halfrauds and now they are fine.
Thanks, I thought the plug looked abit iffy when I checked the bulbs. Bought another from Halfords today and gonna fit it at the weekend. Incidently, its working again today.
Definately the connector, had same problem with mine, the drivers side one was sometimes dim, then not, then one day the lights wouldnt come on at all! Was all done to dodgy connector, replaced it and problem gone
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It might be shorting because it's damp - try a bit of WD40.
My headlights used to pop up when I indicated when it was damp!
The headlight connector is only concerned with dip and main. With the rest of the lighting having a fault that goes hand in hand with the dimming, I would susspect the earths. I also think the lighting could earth under the drivers side light. I would certainly give them a wiggle while the lights are turned on. Just to see what really is loose round there.
changed the plug and all is fixed
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ive witnessed my first miracle lol
pleased for you. puzzled, but pleased for you
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