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Starting Problems

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Hi guys,

I've had a problem with the 5 today....

I had been running around town in it this morning and it was starting and stopping fine. I then popped to the petrol station and put some fuel in (and before you ask it was definitely petrol!!!
) I then went to start it and it was turning over but firing.

Luckily its round the corner from home so I left it there for and hour then went back and it still didnt start.

Then I got a tow home (the rope broke so had to push it!!), got the car on the drive, pressed the starter button and hey presto it fired first time!!!!!

Any ideas what this could be as I dont want it to happen again!!!

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I would check for loose connections in the engine bay first. Have the engine running and wiggle leads to see if it cuts out.

CAS can stop it from starting as can the ignitor for the coils.

Could also check for a stored fault code for an idea as to whats caused the problem
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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