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Sparco Racing Wheel Nuts

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Those of you who have Sparco Racing Wheels will know how much of a ball ache the proper wheel nuts are to get, and how horrid normal tapered nuts look, as well as not centering the wheel properly.

Tracked down the ONLY company in the world who makes them and they are in Australia.

I need my nuts replacing as a couple are rounded a bit, so thought would offer out to other peoples if they wanted some. Main saving will probably be in the postage to be honest but even then just knowing of a company that can get them is a major plus for people I would imagine.

they are 88 aussie dollars for the nuts and postage he is getting back to me tonight on but I reckon for the price of 1 set in postage we can get 3 sets sent across at least.

What do people reckon? Interested?
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