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Sounding Rough Under Acceleration

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Hello people,

My Mk2 1998 RS is starting to sound a little rough under acceleration. Sounds like a tapping mechanical noise.

Can anyone offer any advise?

Many thanks in advance.
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Enough oil?

Is the noise there when the cars running under no load i.e. tickover?
Hello fellas,

There is plenty of oil and the last change was done approx 2500 miles ago.

No turbo, no supercharger, no mods what so ever. The tapping is NOT present during tickover.
Sounds like knock to me.
Here's what i'd check in order.

1/ How long has it been knocking?
Does this coincide within say 50 miles of filling up at a certain petrol station?
Has the car been standing a long time?

2/ Personally i'd pick the busiest petrol station in your area and fill the tank up with the best fuel there and see if it goes away.

3/ When was the fuel filter last changed?

4/ Check your timing

5/ Can you borrow any det cans off anyone?

See how you go from there.
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Daz. i feel it is more of a tapping.

Gixer, thanks for the five steps to success. I will definitely be working my way through.

A mild tapping started approx 6 months ago. Very recently it has started to get louder and more constant.

Will tightening bolts around the main gasket areas help or is that not recommended?
could be waterpump on its way out... could be anything really.

Try taking belts off and see if it goes away.
Tapping getting worse could well be big or little end bearings on there way out.

But a knocking or tapping sound is sometimes so generic that its difficult to tell. you could do the screwdriver test on the block?

Does it sound like its coming from the top or bottom end?

Is your oil pressure OK? are you losing oil at all?

Guys seriously are you on medication?
It doesn't do it at tickover and it only makes the noise under engine load.

What's the point getting him to remove belts, or putting a screwdriver on the block to listen if it doesn't happen at tickover

10/10 for effort
1/10 for content.

And i'll be speaking to both your parents come parents day.

Must try harder.

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removing belts as it could easily be waterpump, powersteering, ac or alternator.

When the engine is under load the pulleys on these components get put under a very different load to what they get at idle.

It's a quick effective way to rule out some parts.

I also wouldnt put it past being a hole or crack in the manifold.
Without hearing the noise for myself there is loads it could be but if nothing has changed with the car then knock is highly unlikely, especially if it is na
singhboy - did you ever get to the bottom of this? i think i have the same issue - a ticking under load at low revs

wasn't that concerned about it but i might drop timing back down to 10degrees,

that and inspect what looks like soot where the manifold pipe meets the flange at the head...
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