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Shuri Castle Photo'S

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Here's another batch of photo's from Okinawa. This was a rad castle I walked to from the garden.. hence the shots of the roads etc - Like it was epic, At some points It was so steep I was on my hands and knee's climbing shit. Took hours and hours to get there .. was worth it though.

Got stopped a lot of times to be asked by School kids my name, and where im from etc - haha was like they hadnt seen a gaijin there before

Been told I dont explain my photo's enough, So i'll give it a bash.

This is basically the front door.

Part of said crazy road / path / river / cliff..

Cool Bridge station point.

This I dont know - It was like some look out point to see how crazy the land scape was, either or there wasnt anyone about.. only an old man cleaning it, like.. was weird.

Castle Sign.


Oh no this one's models lol.

Outside the castle there was a heap of these kinda sights all dotted around. Was really peacfull in this whole area some how, considering how busy the island is.

Reminded me of Ninja Scroll if any of you guys have seen it.

So there we have it - I got aload more on the blog - Check em out if you get a min, lemme know thoughts, i think the garden ones came out better to be honest lol.
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Looks like an awesome place, and great photos too. Keep them comming. I think i will go and visit in a years time or so.
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