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Hi. I'm a 45 year old from Bonhill near Loch Lomond who is new to the forum and recently bought my first MX5 (Mk1) 1800 Eunos which I intend to race in sprints and hillclimbs. I have been racing for the past 5 years but the costs were getting a bit out of control so, along with a few others, we have an MX5 subclass starting in the new season. We have a gentleman's agreement that the cars will be pretty much standard except for safety items such as racing seat/harnesses and roll bar. So far it looks like we should have at least 8 of us, with more showing interest.

The racing should be very close and competitive with cars being driven to events - and hopefully back home in one piece afterwards! The MX5 seemed an ideal car for what we want to do as they perform really well and are great fun to drive.

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