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Sat Nav On A Netbook

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Alright, the tom tom on my iphone is sh*t (good thing I didn't pay for it). Bloody thing never gets any signal.

I am aware a netbook can be used as a satnav with not too much work. I have an eeepc w/bluetooth and the radio in the car also has B/T so I figure I am 1/2 way there. I know I will need a usb gps antennae. I have seen them on eBay for not too much money.

So what software do I need? can this be done for free/ with shareware? I know a fair few of the people on this forum are much more up to speed on this sort of thing than me (Skuzzle, I am lookin' your way man). So spill it. What do I need and how does it work?
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Sygic drive is your friend my friend. Uses freeware software, freeware maps. Not the latest of maps all things considered but still more then good enough for getting to almost anywhere.

Ohh and you can log your run, change the format and put it on google earth and review your route/speeds you were doing etc.
There are plenty of Bluetooth receivers available. I wouldn't use a wired one. You want the gps in best location and your car free of wires.
What's wrong with using a wired one?

I use a wired one, it has a 4 meter cable, is magnetic so is stuck on the stud that holds the seatbelt in, wire behind seats, you can't even see it unless you look for it.

Don't have to worry about carrying a charger for the bluetooth ones, and having bluetooth on is going to suck battery a lot more then powering off the USB and is just easier in general.

Plus from cold start to finding a signal takes seconds, not something you can say for the bluetooth ones.
im using centrafuse which has a built in nav... built around destinator. Its ok.. but not great. The front end rocks though
I think ?10 gets an ebay bluetooth gps device that runs off 12v. Any mapping software should be able to use it, but a look on there websites would confirm it.
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