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Hi everyone. I thought I'd pass on my experiences as a new Eunos owner.
My car, a 1990 1.6 Eunos in BRG with tan leather and aircon was sold to me 3 months ago with 6 months t&t, all new pads,discs, tyres,clutch and exhaust.
I paid ?500 for it with a hardtop.

There was a problem in that when hot it ran terribly. I found a receipt in the glove box stating that an auto electrican charged ?230 in Nov '09 to try to remedy this with no success.

I'm aware that there can be a problem with hot running. When cold it was great, but after 5 minutes driving it appeared to be running on 3 cylinders. The previous owner was very honest (he's my uncle) and said that he feared it could need a new ECU.

I've read about owners with a similar problem not being able to sort it and having to replace all the electrical system components one by one and costing hundreds.

Last week a saw a thread on another forum about an owner with the same problem as me. He suggested replacing the ht leads. I managed to get hold of a set from Eurocarparts for ?18.95, fitted them as soon as they arrived and it now runs perfectly.

I am so impressed with this little car. The kids love it with the roof off. It appears virtually rust free and is now running correctly for the first time in 2 years thanks to a set of cheap ht leads.

So it just shows,start looking in the obvious places first.

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Wow, I thought an auto electrician would have pick this up straight away.

The HT leads are a well known consumable on the 5.

Anything from 30-60k miles will see them start to deteriorate. Its something to do with the wasted spark set up as far as my laymens knowledge goes, which means its a higher voltage then some other cars and the lead has to take it twice.

Sounds like you got a complete bargain.

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