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Roll/Style Bar Near Milton Keynes( Alos Hard Top Needed)

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Any one got a cheap roll bar/ Stlye bar for sale near Milton Keynes. As the description says i am only looking at getting a RED hard top. Ideally with a RHW for about 300quid. I have the money ready so get in touch if you have something to flog!!
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Don't worry about them, what you need is my rear bumper lol
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What i needed was that spolier of yours(well done for selling it on ebay by the way! and sorry for keeping you holding on for so long. Im so ashamed!!
)and a cheap MOT(but that wasnt to be)
Didnt knw that you still had the rear bumper.. will get back to you about it. I have a week off next week. What else you got to flog?

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I think I've only got the bumper left, nothing else fun I'm afraid.
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