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Roadsterchinsk'S 97 1.8 S-Special Type I

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Thought id start one of these threads.

However, I dont really have any "beauty" shots of my car.

This is my fourth MX-5 or roadster. Ive been around the "online"mx-5 community for many years and before we had any forums.

I had always really liked Montego blue and thought it wasthe best MX-5 colour.

When I started looking again for my 4[sup]th[/sup] 5 I was planningon getting a black one. However, this turned up in at used car dealer in Ipswich so about an hour from me. I was tipped off by another Nutz/OC member "Matt" that it was not bad and I immediately likedthe look and specification. It's a 1997 1.8S-Special type I in Montego blue. (Type I for 97 not original S-Special - the 97Type I came without BBS where as the Type II had BBS wheels). This comes withall the usual S-Special extras but also the 133bhp engine from that year.

One of the issues I faced, is that due to some family history and experiences, I wont/cant buy anything without an air bag (lets not go into their expected life cycle here please
) so my choices on my budget were very limited. Air bags were options for the mk1 JDM cars and not available on uk mk1 cars so basically hens teeth.

I bought it In January 2009 just before Prices reallycrashed Lfor £1850. It was a trade in and I think the dealer mainly does family cars and hatchbacks and wanted to turn it to cash in January knowing he would probably have it until at least spring otherwise.

It had 82,000km.

It did have a lot of small dents in the doors (like amachine gun had been down it) I was thinking the last owner must park near a pillareveryday, and a few minor scuffs.

I negotiated that a dent man would sort them out but overallI think he didn't work quite as hard as he might.

These are some of the dealers photo's:

I also liked the Mazdaspeed extra's theoriginal owner had clearly raided the options list for back in Japan.

This included original Mazdaspeed dials, Mazdaspeed exhaustmanifold, Mazdaspeed exhaust, MazdaspeedRoll bar, Mazdaspeed Rad cap and what were sold originally as Mazdaspeed sideskirts. It has a spoiler which also looks original from the factory and goeswell with the body kit and I believe this to be a factory Mazdaspeed option aswell, but ive not seen many of these.

Im not really into spoilers on a 5, but I feel this one goeswell with the car and doesn't ruin the lines too badly. Its not as high off the body as most of the others and I love the rear brakelight as well.

Along with the Mazdaspeed stuff, there was a mixture of KYBfront shocks and Mazdaspeed rear coilovers. This made for an interesting ride!

There was also a blitz air intake and momo pedals.

The wheels were fairly new looking AEZ's - actually theyonly looked a few months old - not a mark on them.

I bought it on a very cold icy day and may have missed a fewthings as a result but overall was very happy to be back in 5

I had a great drive back to Essex (despite the alignment and suspension set up). Top was down and it was a beautiful sunny winters day.

Mods history and developments to follow
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Next was the exhaust - the Mazdaspeed item was blowing badly and failed the MOT. These are only mild steel and it had clearly been welded several times before in quite a few places. Basically it was only good for scrap.

The dealer fitted a cheap pattern exhaust to sell the car with. I wish he had called me first I could have put some of his money to something decent.
I picked up a single exit Racing beat on ebay for just under £200 barely used and not even "coated" inside the tip.
Ive always liked Racing beat stuff, although would ave preferred a dual system this time.

However being on a much tighter budget than ive ever been on before, I had to do the semi-sensible thing and get the RB.

I decided I didnt like the Blitz intake so picked up this piper cross thing on ebay very cheap (its actualy for a civic type R) and rigged it up.

Ohh yeah, it also had one of those carbing rad panels. Could do with a clean up.

I really like the look and feel of the RX-8 5speed gear knob and already had one tucked away, so that went straight on.
Unfortunately I had to junk the Mazdaspeed dials. They were just well passed their best and looked really shabby.

I replaced them with some simple white dials with blue lettering. Kept the red colour needles.

Next I fitted a OEM front lip. It was new in the packet and i got it for £80.
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Summer came it it was time for some more changes.

Firstly those AEZ wheels.
While they were quite nice in themselves, i really didnt think they suited the car - something my wife still disagree's with me over.
I was all ready to order some Rota RB's. I always had OZ superleggera or Ultraleggera before but wanted a change.

When these came up on Nutz.

Never seen these before with the con-curve face but some dish.
They were in bad shape to be honest.
My initial plan of Gunmetal with a polished lip didint pan out as the sulphuric dip they had prior to me getting them had taken a lot of the magnesium and left the edge of the rim too pitted to polish.

They are a special edition Heroes Racing wheel - these were branded Mazda.

A lot of refurbishers told me not to bother with them as they were in a poor state. But I wanted them. they were just the look I was going for.
Eventually JP Polishing in Canvey Island took them on for me.

He did them in Shadow Chrome and I have to say when they are clean they look amazing - when they are dirty they just look gunmetal or soemthing

This is how they came out - forgive the blue tint on failing camera photo.

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My Wife still prefers the multispoke AEZ wheels and doesnt like these ones.

Next was to sort out the terrible ride and handling.

I made a very important visit here to the brilliant Phil at P5: Please note - a pointless video.[/media]

and got these

and the immediately went here the the awesome Tony at WIM:

Warning - pointless video!

and had this done:

These were the results:
Form this

To this:

Good results given the ride height and a great thrust angle apparenty

That was a good day followed by a great Drive Home.
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Soon after I got all that done my car was really starting to take my desired direction.

Then I opted for the Gotech ECU installation.
Lets just say it had a few issues. Including a unfortunate bad ground which left my car like this.

Those gotech issues have now been resolved.
Anyway, happier days are around the corner. It will soon have a M45 eaton supercharger and intercooler fitted.
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Looking Good Mr Chinsk!

Where are you going to get the supercharger/intercooler done?

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Cheers Nicki Z -long time no see!

Im getting a Mr Fast mini sc kit fitted. I was to be going up north for Mr Fast to fit it himself but now due to time constraints im getting it fitted at my local tuner who has been a great help so far. TCS Performance who are near me in Bishops Stortford.
Today as ive the car back for a couple of days to play with, i decided to fit the Zoom engineering blue wide angle mirror glasses.

Ive had these for 4 years nearly, they cost a fair bit, and probably they would have looked better on the white car, but glad i kept them.

The pictures dont really show them off that well but you might be able to see the difference.
When driving they really do give a better view being slight convex (or is it concave - i forget)


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Gave the car a little clean, polish and wax on Sunday, as well as tended to a lot of little jobs that ive been meaning to get to for a while.

However, its rained since then so not that clean anymore.
Ive never really been able to capture the look of my car in a photo...
but given my poor photo skills and its a phone cam here they are anyway.

Skuzzle tsi's and my custome vented headlamp lid (rebuilt and painted by painter Dave) are now on - i was not sure i was going to like the look of the TSI's just black, but im totally sold on them.

Never been able to capture the wheels with the shadow chrome - the photo's either come out like silver/chrome or like dark gunmetal - the reality is they are both at the same time

Just popped up to TCS and found Tom working on Ben's charger.

This is what Montego blue is meant to look like, blue and green at the same time or "twenty fathoms deep" if you read the brochure blurb.
Bad photo but the paint looks like it does in real life for once as do the wheels - dark and light at the same time.

Boost gauge is in and working

finally happy with my dials

Thanks for looking
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Forget to put in this thread it has one of these - early pic, a lot of fettling has been done since.

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Looking good mate love the pics nice !!! Will meet up soon when I get my car back from toms
Just came in mind how my old vented headlamp lid ended up looking. Looks great, as the whole car!
How is the SC set?
Very nice car mate! What kind are those dials? Are they self made?

Very nice car mate! What kind are those dials? Are they self made?

They are home made custom ones as per the thing on rev-limiter miata journal a while back.
They are home made custom ones as per the thing on rev-limiter miata journal a while back.
Don't suppose you have a link to this? Or fancy making a set for me

Car looks great, the colour of the wheels works really well with Montego Blue
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Is that mazdaspeed roll bar..a proper roll bar?! im sure theres a couple of types? Some that bolt to the parcel shelf, and some that go through the parcel shelf and bolt to the chassis itself..but oddly look really similar! lol!

Either way, you have a cool and well specced roadster! Love the wheels..although my pref would be them in white! Would look awesome against the monty Blue!
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