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Road Trip!

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The better half and I are heading off to a holiday cottage place near Santander in the north of Spain with my parents in June for a couple of weeks, and taking the Plymouth - Santander ferry so we're taking the 5 with us

Plan is to disappear off for ~1 week, driving over the Pyrenees, across the south of France and over to Nice for a few days before coming back down the west side of the Pyrenees.

The intention is to stay a night in Andorra on the way over and we've found a place near Millau to stay on the way back - should be 5-6 hours of driving a day give or take.

We're going to do some of the Route Napol?on on the way back as well as Le Viaduc de Millau.

Does anyone have any suggestions of routes, things to see or places to stay?
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This probably sounds pretty lame but if you were planing on a night in Plymouth before you sail I can reccomend The Duke Of Cornwall Hotel, and the China House restaurant for evening meal.

It's where I'm from originally and my parents still live there so if you need anything sorting Plymouth end I can try and help you out.
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