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Im trying to work out how you program a new key to a dallas immobiliser

I have bought a non-magnetic ibutton off ebay but i cant seem to get it to quite work

whats happens is

1. place original to the metal cup holder thing
2. the car then beeps once
3. Place the new key to the metal cup holder
4. Then there is a clicking noise behind the glove box

Things to note
-I dont have a light for the immobilser anywhere that i can see
-its a uk 1994 laguna blue 1.8, believe the immobiliser was installed as soon as made (aftermarket still though)
-I am able to put the immobiliser into what i believe is called 'service mode' however that is just where it keeps beeping in intervals of 5 or so seconds and the immobiliser and can be started without the key

If anyone has this system or can help out i would really appreciate it as I dont want to lose the key and not have a replacement. if you know it is not possible or any info that would also be really helpful
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