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Renault Megane Convertible... Good? Or Bad?

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Pretty much as the title really, has anyone out there in Nutzer Land had any past experience with the Renault Megane Convertible? Anything to look out for when buying one?

My GF is looking to sell her Tigra and get a convertible (mid life crisis, same as me, ha ha!) so has started shopping around. Preferences were initially for an MGF or MG TF, but the well documented head gasket issues made her a bit nervous. Then thought about an MX-5 (woohoo!) but her budget won't quite stretch to a new enough model with low mileage. Now she is looking at the Megane Convertible because they seem to offer really good value for money, and she quite likes the slightly quirky styling. Looks like decent examples are selling for around ?2500-ish, which seems a bargain to me.

I would imagine the running gear to be pretty much bullet proof, and most seem to be in good cosmetic condition, but are there any particular weaknesses or potential problems we should know about? The only thing that springs to mind for me would be if the roof is electric and goes wrong. I can just imagine what a nightmare that would be to sort out... Possibly best to opt for a manual roof if possible?

Anyone got any thoughts, or recommendations? All help appreciated guys, cheers

As an example, this is the sort of car she would be looking at: Mmmm, Yellow... or here: Mmmm, Silver... (might be going to view this one in the next few days...) Or even here: Mmmm, Burgundy...
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I can't help with the convertible side of things but I do run that model of Megane as my daily driver, albeit with 5 doors. My commute is approx 120 miles round trip and most of that is motorway tbh, but with 146K on the clock it's still going strong. Renualt electrics can be a bit ropey but probably no worse than alot of other cars out there.
Cheers mate, good to know the engine is likely to be decent at least
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it needs to be yellow

i want a yellow one
Ha ha, I desperately want her to get a yellow one as well

We might go and test drive the silver one first though, 'cos it's just down the road in Peterborough
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I had a Megane Coupe 1.6 16v for 4 years.

Would recommend coupe-club forum. Great site, I learnt a lot there.

The 8 valve ones are slow. Bearings go like crazy (7). Driveshaft died twice. 5 Coilpacks died. Got my timing belt changed- 700 miles later snapped and wrecked the entire engine.

I still loved it tho.. looks nice, great fun to drive hard.

I like them, I really do. But i spent a fortune on mine, and really looked after it.

I would recommend driving one, making sure you do full lock on each side, listen the the gearbox too. (Any clunking avoid) Also check that the Timing belt has been changed AND driven for a good bit. (and water pumps replaced too!!)

After my coupe I needed something reliable, but still fun and sporty. Bring on the Mx5

Good luck in your viewing! Defo dont buy an mg!
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Cheers mate, some good advice there, much appreciated
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You thought about one of these?

Had one when they first came out and really enjoyed it. Nice cabin, different styling and a great sounding engine... I know Alfas get a bit of a slating but mine didn't miss a beat.

Just a thought
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Jesus, don't add more alternatives mate, it's bad enough that she isn't looking for an MX-5 any more!

The Alfa looks really nice, but I'd be almost as nervous about reliability as the MGF....
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lol... sorry mate.

If it's been looked after and has a full service history I wouldn't worry much about reliability... nice cars.
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I'd be far more worried about that shape Megane than an Alfa 916 spider.

I'd also consider the 306 Cabriolet, much nicer than the Megane.
I think you have got it all wrong mate.

Im really not trying to be the MX-5 police or anything - but the megane is not a good car at that age and mileage. Its best years are behind it and repair bills are a good possibility - you could be lucky though.

The MX-5 as well as most Mazda's have been documented at being extremely reliable cars. Many of the ones on here are significantly over 100k and start on the button etc.
The Renault would be fine maybe, but I cant get my head round why you would take the risk. Can she not stretch another £500 to an early mk2? We are not talking about massive mileage differences yet id say for every mile on the Mazda it can do half again what the renault can.

I had a Megane 2.0 16v conv. top of the range fully loaded back when they were new as my company car. It was an OK car but given the money involved, a MX-5 with more miles would be a much safer bet and also for resale. (I had problems with it and managed to change it for a 523 from a colleague who was leaving)


Good luck with the search.
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I think you have got it all wrong mate.
Well, that told me!

I do agree with what you say though, and if it was my choice I'd go for an MX-5 over any other car, no question (OK, I am biased because I bloody LOVE mine...
). They are unbeatable in terms of reliability, and the fun factor speaks for itself. However, it's not my choice and I don't want to get too involved in the decision making because it's her car, not mine. She really likes the Tigra, and the Megane is quite similar styling but with a soft top, so maybe it is a logical choice?

Who knows, next week I might be asking about Peugeots!
But thanks for all the comments so far, it's always good to get other people's views
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I can vouch for the coupe-club forum too, was on there when I had my 5dr hatch. Was a while ago and last time I looked I didn't recognise any of the names on there, but it should still have good information.

Anyway, like I say mine was the hatch, so maybe not the same, but jesus did I have exhaust problems with that car. A different bit would fall off each week, got very expensive and in the end we used a load of metal "straps" to keep it all in place. Broken or not it was staying in place! By the time I sold it, it had a significant pull to the left under braking, exhaust sounded like a spitfire, gearbox was a bit all over the place and overall it was a bit scary to drive. Was my first car though and it was constantly abused, so guess it did well enough really, and in all fairness I never had some of the major problems people would constantly report on the forums.

I'm starting to like Renault's new range though so may have to put my experiences with the megane in the past.
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They're terrible mate.
Oddly enough though the newer versions are even worse.

Get a good 30 min test drive at the very least before you decide, also get a drive in the coupe to have a good comparison.

The body and chassis flex is bad enough to be unnerving, a good mate has the Megane II cabrio, and as the Mrs has a Megane II and had the 226 i thought it'd be interesting to compare.

There is absolutely no comparison, the standard Megane drives a million times better, gets better MPG, handles better, is faster and is more stable.
Driving over fairly rough roads i swear you can feel the car flex around you

So if ya Mrs has absolutely no idea about cars, puts looks and having a cabrio over, performance, economy driving etc then it'd be ideal.
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So if ya Mrs has absolutely no idea about cars, puts looks and having a cabrio over, performance, economy driving etc then it'd be ideal.
So, it will be perfect then....

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Renault is it a peasants car they drive in france.
No= Fail will break down and be unreliable as hell

Mums peasants renault 5 18 years not even a service 150k miles and its still doing the rounds in Spain.
Uncles Renault Fuego did exactly that is set on fire.
My renault laguna day one engine fell out and in 2 years of ownership cost me 3k in repairs and the guy i sold it to cost him a fortune to.
Ex brother in law had a renauly megane cabrio from new as company car cost 6k in repairs in 3 years

Avoid like the plague.
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