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Removing Suspension

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Does anyone have a goo guide on how to remove the front suspension getting the rear off is easy but the front is a bit much dont wanna mess around with the lower wishbone as that seems to play with its camber
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Sorry mods please delete just looked up the service manual removing of the upper wishbone ball joint will give the space to get the unit out
or compress the spring as much as you can (I cut down some spring compressors to fit) and it will slide out no problem without having to crack the ball joint - though cracking the ball joint isn't difficult to be honest.
I take mine off in pieces, so compress the spring as much as possible, undo top nut and then push down on the tophat and have a friend stand on the hub (make sure the ARB is disconnected!) once the shock is compressed there's enough room to remove the tophat, this gives you enough room to remove the spring, then you can remove the shock.

dead easy.
If you can't get a friend to help, do what I did, get a long strong bar- i used the trolley jack handle (heavy duty), and stood on it whilst manouvering the whole strut down through the inner wing. Gets you sweating but it works.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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