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Removing Sensor In Cat

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My 1.6 '91 eunos has an additional sensor fitted to the cat in addition to the one on the manifold. I want to replace the cat with a by pass kit.

I have looked through the forums but I can find no mention of what to sdo with this sensor.

Should I just fit the bypass kit and then just tuck this sensr oyut of the way or will it affect the engine management system by not having it fitted?


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It can safely be tied up out of the way no problem.
Remove it from the connector mounted close to where the cat sits and pop it in your toolbox.... ( weight saving
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Thanks Guys.

I'm going to order a cat bypass pipe from MX5parts, unless there is a better place?

I have just fitted mine from mx5 parts, was a good price i thought. The cable to my cat sensor had just been cut and taped up by others
Phil and everyone else

Thanks, order placed today!
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