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Rays Engineering Wheels

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Evening All

Can anyone confirm for me which model number my wheels are. Here they are below:

Am I right in thinking these are CE28Ns?

And if so, would these centre caps fit?

Does anyone know how they fit? Just a push in type fitment?


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Yup GRN, same as mine, only shinier.
These are the wrong ones for your wheels, you rally want to try and source no. 8 in the picture below;

PS. those are some clean GrN's
Thanks for this, and the comments on the wheels. That was how they were freshly refurbed, they're still pretty much in that nick now (although I got cold hands washing them after every drive over the winter - it was worth it)

I did some more googling on the wheel front and think I agree they are GrNs. With regards to picture 8, these ones do you reckon?
Snapped this earier on an almera of all things.

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Yup, GRN's

Same as what I've got on mine. Except tidier, mine are in need of a refurb, the lips are crying out for a sanding and polishing session
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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