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Oh, hai!
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Railworks 3 was on offer the other week on Steam and had something daft like 90% off its normal price. I'd fancied getting a train simulator beforehand anyway but wasn't sure how I'd get along with it so didn't want to fork out £25 odd. It was reduced down to just a fiver so I snapped it up before the price went up.

I'm actually enjoying it.

Graphics are a bit meh but then I do have the settings fairly low, the laptop doesn't have the guts to run it at full detail. My other gripes are that it takes fucking ages to load (3-4 minutes per scenario typical) which is a pain in the arse if you fail the scenario due to running a red signal (or causing a derailment
) and that there appears to be no "Idiots Guide to..." anywhere. There's a PDF document that tells you what the controls are, but not how to use them.

But anyway, I've been having fun with it and I'm a self confessed sad wanker. So, anyone else play?
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