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Problem With Mazda Car Alarm

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hi gents my brothers car uk 1.8 1995 has a mazda car alarm it has a red button by the side of the steering wheel ( i think this is a panic) it also has a toggle switch in the passenger side foot well.

today we cleaned the electric windows (re-greased the slides and cleaned the locks) now the car wont start it wont turn over, when you press the alarm button nothing happens when we toggle the reset it turns over but does not fire and when we take the keys out of the ignition the doors lock and the alarms arms itself.

Any ideas ????
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right after a bit of playing around i have discounted the car alarms and immobilizer

i have fuel the car turns over but no spark

could it be the coil pack ????

bit strange as all we did where grease the windows sliders just coincidence i think or could it be something else

any ideas

is their a fuse that just controls the coil pack
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