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Hi all,

I'm still quite new to here.

I've recently started stripping a 1991 Eunos Roadster, not quite sure on the direction of the project yet but will be starting a build thread soon.

Anyway, ive come across something slightly worrying, so any opinions or experience would be much appreciated.

Ive jacked the car up at the rear end to begin stripping suspension etc. and after taking the wheel off I noticed that I couldnt turn the hubs by hand, so I tried using a covered bar between the studs and as I applied pressure I noticed that the hub moves ever so slightly (around 1mm) then stop as the studs come into contact with the inside diameter of the holes they are located in, in the brake disc.

It would appear that the brakes are stuck on which is fine, but surely there should be no movement between the studs and the holes they are located in?

Sorry if I have not explained this thoroughly enough, just for reference the car has been left standing for a few weeks with the handbrake off and in gear, and the car was in neutral when I tried to turn the hub without a wheel on.

Any help is much appreciated.



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The studs sound fine.

Sounds more like the disc's not moving, but the hub behind it is. Perfectly normal - the disc's only clamped on by the wheel

Take the caliper carrier off with the disc as one and try again.
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