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Pictures Of My New 5

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went to see an s special yesterday down in Southend, 3 hours of driving later and me and a friend were having a good look around the car and decided it was what I wanted. We struck a deal on the price and I plan on going back to get it over the long weekend.

Seller is putting it through an MOT this Saturday so it will have a full ticket.

Car is pretty standard, only addition is a nice sounding stainless exhaust, will have to check for a make, and it also has 4 toro r888 tyres fitted which I won't be keeping on it.

Checked all the paperwork and inside the door shut and everything checks out for it being an s special. Has billies, 15" BBS wheels, all braces bar the strut brace are present, tweeters in the door etc. Colour is amazing, in the dark it's green yet in the day it's blue! Has a nardi wooden steering wheel which has to go and gearknob. The stereo will be going too as it is from 1975.

Plans will probably be coilovers, GV lip, some tasty wheels, ducktail spoiler and relocate the front number plate to offset. Currently it has a square plate stuck to a rectangle plinth! Anyone selling an offset bracket let me know.

Pics below are what the seller sent me, will take more on collection


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If the 888's are in decent nick I will have them off you.
One of best specification Roadsters in my opinion, and looks a tidy example. Congratulations on the purchase.
Nice car Daz

I love the wooden Nardi bits with the tan interior (V-Spec etc) but agree what`s on their now doesn`t suit.

Let the spending commence!
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Nice motah! Keep us posted on the mods.
Glad your changing the steering wheel and gearknob! Really nice, tidy looking car.
Nice looking 5 there if you change the wheels let me now as I am after sum BBS wheels
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Gorgeous colour, its called Montego Blue - same colour as our Gleneagles and as is used on the R-Ltd models too.

I have an S-Spec (type 1) as a project car in red which were due to start working on come May, I love all the little extras that come with them, it also has the S-Spec mats and our BBS wheels still have all their centre caps too
I'm in the Market for a centre cap, everywhere I look they are uber expensive!
horrible, nasty special edition. I would steer well clear if I were you
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Nice car mate. I had to do a double take as your number plate is almost identical to mine! I guess all imports of the same year get a similar plate...

Look forward to seeing how this one progresses.
nice car mate, I have a very similar car, 97 type 1 in montego blue and love the colour everytime I look at it.

re centrecaps, mine still has the 4 of em, but for some time I left it without them and it looked good, a set of long nuts would have done the job better than the caps me finks
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Got a cap today courtesy of mark (onlymx5ives) and whilst I was there saw marks (jiberingloon) 1800 charged 5 looking awesome on some super wide rota rb's.

Parts on the way are, front and rear lower splitters and also a momo prototipo steering wheel.
Have lamin-x'd the rear lights all red today also. Is having a full service this week if I can get time to get under it then I will take some more pics

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