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Passanger window issue MX5 RF 2018

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I have seen similar issues but none as specific as mine.
I had window at passanger side stuck in fully lowered position, following advice on forum I checked regulator and presto corroded line.
Replaced the lot.
But now after all has been put together following is happening:
Driver button does not operate passanger window
When opening passanger door, window goes fully down
Passanger button works fine
Roof don't work as half way through opening it says malfunction.

Has anyone had same issue?

I'm not sure which way to go, I have been advised to replace driver side button control, not sure on this as it was working prior to window blocked few days earlier.
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I had this with Neighbours i wanted to burn it.
I fiited new reg and swapped motor over. Went down but wouldnt go up. Because i had door open. When i shut the door it went up. Id cycle the car battery on off. Try with door closed.

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Disconnecting battery don't help
Connected diagnostic computer and only related error is:
U0030:87-08 Vehicle Communication Bus A (+) Open RHT Retractable Hard Roof

Any ideas?
Soz, all i know is that it made me very angry. Over the years ive fitted many window regs and the ND was a ballache.
With my neighbours id reinstalled and with door card hung next to door switch plugged in door open i tried window. It would only go down. This prompted some disassembly and checking and all was fine.
I actually pulled motor out in order to get window up and closed so car could be used.
Door card back on shut door and i saw it do the 5mm drop closing door.
With door shut it worked...
Something on your car confused. Open shut every thing, all i can suggest, pita.

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